Monday belongs to everyone

Approximately 80 per cent of people with disabilities are not working. The employment rate is poor compared to the level of education: approximately 60 per cent of people with disabilities have completed secondary or higher education. The obstacles for finding employment include employers’ lack of knowledge about available support and prejudice related to competence and ability to work of people with disabilities. 

Through the Monday belongs to everyone campaign, the Non-Discrimination Ombudsman and the Human Rights Centre want to remind people that inclusion in the working life belongs to everyone.

People with disabilities are too often seen as partially incapacitated and employing them is thought to require extensive financial support measures that come out of the employer’s budget. In reality, many people with disabilities are competent, highly educated and completely capable of performing duties that correspond to their education. Government support is available for alterations and other support possibly needed at the workplace by an employee with a disability. Support can be applied from TE Services, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland or municipal disability services.

In the autumn of 2018, the Monday belongs to everyone campaign brought visibility to the employment of people with disabilities.